The Essence of Yoga

Our bodies love gentleness. Our breath is a gateway to enhanced awareness and the higher states of meditation. Our breath connects us with our body and our deepest self and the essence of yoga is centred around the breath.

Vanda Scaravelli described yoga as an effortless dance with breath and gravity. She came to yoga quite late in life, and devised a way of practising that was centred around rest, breathing and awareness. As Esther Myers a student of Vanda explains : “Ultimately, with each breath, you will re-establish your connection to the earth and to gravity. With each exhalation, allow yourself to be pulled into the ground, and with each inhalation allow yourself to open, receive, and expand.”

To let go of stress and effort often feels impossible. Taking time to breathe, and specifically to breathe out fully will help release built up stress and tension. The practice of Yoga Nidra, where you lie down in Savasana with the body open and receptive to the breath, can help refresh and rebalance your nervous system.

I’m not going to write much about this. It’s not an intellectual exercise. I’m just going to suggest you find a time to lie down on your back in a quiet place, close your eyes and listen to the 10 minute audio I recorded for you below. It will help to bring a new pattern and awareness to your breathing. The practice of breathing out to let go of stress.

What you will need

  • a quiet space to lie down where you won’t be interrupted
  • a blanket to cover you
  • a low pillow under your head



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