In my work as a therapist and yoga teacher I have been profoundly influenced by the ground breaking work of author and body worker Thomas Myers who has created a map of the ‘anatomy of connection’ – whole-body Fascial and Myofascial linkages.

I also share my ongoing exploration of  the extraordinary understanding and influence Vanda Scaravelli brought to the practice of Yoga. In Vanda’s words: ‘The adult spine is rigid and heavy and yoga, as intended here, consists in breaking bad habits and in re-educating the spine so as to bring it back to its original suppleness.’

My personal experience, having suffered through many years with debilitating back pain, has definitely given me a degree of insight and empathy with my clients. But most of all this experience has left me with a passionate belief that you can empower yourself through knowledge and get out of pain by re-educating your body’s movement patterns.

When we find  that balance again we can open our lives to more. More freedom to move, more self-expression and more energy for living.

Lai Morris




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